Planning an outdoor event is harder than that of an indoor event. There are many factors you should consider in order to make your event successful. Therefore, here are some tips for you to help you during the process of planning a perfect event.

Permits and Ordinances

First you should check to see your event needs a permit for the venue from a government authority. Since you are planning a fetial, remember that sometimes you can’t control loud sounds, conduct of the guests or dress codes etc.  You also have to check the relevant ordinances regarding noise restrictions, safety codes, etc. and plan your event accordingly and let the guests know beforehand.


Advanced planning is more critical for an outdoor event. Your event will be held in an open space, so make sure you make arrangements for everything in the venue such as power, equipment, communications, food, sanitation, security and other essentials.


You have to plan the layout of the entire setting of your event such as where to place the guests, particular places for the equipment, vendors, crew and so on.

Comfort of the Guests

You have to make sure that your guests have access to sufficient food and drinks. There must be a steady supply of water. You can also hire portable air conditioners if required.


This is essential for an outdoor event. Poor restroom and toilet facilities can ruin your entire event. So you cannot make mistakes here. This applies with regard to both your guests and the crew. There might be a restroom or toilet facility near the venue but do not depend on it. You can hire portable toilets to ensure sufficient sanitation for everyone.

You have to consider the amount of people who will be at the venue during the event to decide the number of toilet units you need. If you have a hard time figuring that out, you can contact the toilet hiring company and ask for help. They will be able to help you sort it out with their experience in the field.

Power and Lighting

Decide where you have to install power stations in the venue and ask the vendors to bring extension cords. Make sure you check the power load per plug. Food equipment and sound equipment must not be connected to the same cord and have a back-up power system standby just in case. You have to provide lighting for walkways, exit paths and also for parking areas for convenience and safety.

Pest Control

It’s better to have an exterminator spray the area and you can also use insect repellent candles and cans of light scent like aloe.

Weather Conditions

Check in advance the weather conditions such as rain or wind. Pay attention to weather forecasts regarding the date of the event. Have a backup plan just in case it rains.

Health Precautions

This depends on the type of event you are planning. Have medical professionals standby if required. If not, it’s always better to have a first aid kit ready.

Remember that planning an event as large as a festival or a fair can be a large responsibility. Try to divide the responsibilities into smaller tasks and divide it among the rest of the organizers to make the work easier for everyone.

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