Are you looking for a professional team to hand over your wedding decorations? Here are the top things you would want to discuss with event decorators in order to ensure a perfect job is done.

The Venue and Setting

The nature of your venue is one of the key things your decorators would want to know. Thus, you would give them all the important information regarding to your venue. Let hour decorators know if you will be having an indoor or outdoor even, the size of the venue and the crowd, and the predicted weather conditions on the big day.

When you’ve briefed them about your wedding venue, they would then visit the place physically to take a better look at it before final choices can be made. Look up Decor It decorators and check out some of their amazing services for weddings.


You are likely to have a complete mental picture of what your wedding ceremony would look like, and this is what you should be translating to your event decorators. If you want things to turn out exactly the way you picture, it is important that you don’t leave out any detail when you discuss the possibilities with your decorators.

Make sure you talk about every element – for instance, tell them whether or not you want florals, and if you do, types of florals, the combinations, the themes you have in mind, and everything else in between. Being very specific and clear about your requirements is the only way to ensure your dreams are brought to reality without a hitch. 


There is always a certain scale that you would stick to when it comes to your wedding décor. Some may want a super grand, lavish, and extravagant look which they will bring to life with their décor. This sort of set up would obviously require a large number of florals (if used) and loads of detail and elaboration.

On the other hand, you could use the best and finest elements to create a minimalist yet grand and elegant set up. This type of décor would include fewer elements but will create a spectacular minimalist look. Make sure you communicate your preferences to your decorators so they are clear about exactly what you expect.


Your event decorators wouldn’t know about your likes, and most importantly, your dislikes, unless you are clear about them, too. These folks deal with a hundred clients on a daily basis, and each of them are likely to have a different set of requirements.

It is important that you do not leave room for misunderstandings or assumptions, and so, you need to be specific of what you essentially need, and what you don’t. For instance, if you do not want tulips in your floral décor, or you don’t want to see any hints of perhaps, red or violet anywhere, make sure that it’s made very clear.


Last but not the least, indeed, tell your decorators about your budget allocations and discuss with them the possibilities of having all your preferences included and arranged in a way that it fits your budget.  The experts will always find a way to fulfill your gorgeous dreams by exploring every possibility.

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