For those who keep on adding in their new year resolutions “to learn to play a musical instrument”, this should be the year that you cross it off your list. If you want this off your list and you have not yet figured out which musical instrument to learn, why not choose among the easiest musical instruments to learn? If you lead a busy life but still want to learn a new hobby or develop a new skill, a musical instrument that does not require you to put in a thousand of hours practicing is ideal.


For those who have tried to play the guitar but is unsuccessful, (although the guitar is also included in the list of instruments that is easy to learn) perhaps you would have more success in the ukulele which is smaller and size and fewer strings. Some people who have small hands and tried to play the guitar had difficulty when the chord calls for all the strings to be pressed. At least with the ukulele, it is easier since there are only four strings and the neck and fret board are smaller and easy to handle. It is lighter too which makes it ideal for kids too.


Drums are not that as easy to learn compared to other instruments but they are really fun to learn and to play especially after hitting the snare drum, the bass drum then ending it with a satisfying hit of the cymbals. The drums also set up the tempo of a song and could get everyone pumped. If you want to learn an instrument because you want to join a band, choose the drums and you are guaranteed to have so much fun.


If you feel like the drums is too much for you but you still want to play an instrument you can hit, why not try the bongos? The bongos are also more lightweight and you can bring it anywhere you want to make things more musical. You only need to learn how to play two conjoined drums unlike the drum kit where you have to learn when to hit the snare drum, bass drum, cymbal, floor tom, top tom, middle tom, etc. The bongos are also more personal and ready to use since you play it using your hands.


Another portable musical instrument that you could learn while on the “go” is the harmonica. People have the wrong notion that a harmonica is only played for jazzy or bluesy tunes but it could actually be played for rock songs, country and folk music. This instrument is easily picked by adults who want to play an instrument since any note that you play in it would be in tune. You don’t need to know a lot about it before you start playing it.

Of course, when you put in a lot of effort and time into trying to learn how to play an instrument, any instrument would be easy. Just have patience, self-discipline and enjoy learning.

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