We all have made mistakes when we are shopping for clothes. Sometimes it is buying the wrong size, and sometimes it is spending way too much on clothes. But when you know the right shopping tips, these can easily be avoided. Take a look at the following to see how you can minimize your shopping mistakes.

Set Your Budget

The tip to avoid spending way too much money on clothing is setting up a budget before you start shopping. This applies to both online shopping as well as traditional shopping. One of the ways to limit your budget is thinking of all the pieces you want to buy or wear and then have an estimated amount for each of them. If you are shopping for a special occasion too, you can use the same rule. One you have your fixed amount; try your best not to exceed it.

Choose Your Style

Have you ever come across a beautiful dress that you bought but ever really liked wearing? The reason this happens is that everything that looks good on display or on models do not suit us. Simply, it is not out style. There are a couple of tests you can do to find out what your clothing style is.

The simplest is to take a peek into your closet and look at the clothes you wear the most; the colours, patterns and types of clothing. You can also create a clothes moodboard or even put together a Pinterest board to find out your favourite outfits. Once this is done, you know which pieces you will wear with confidence and which to leave back in the shop.

Make a List

Shopping lists does not have to be limited to grocery shopping. Keep a wish-list of items you wish to buy. So instead of getting distracted by everything you see once you enter the store, you can limit yourself into buying what you really need. Instead of impulse buying, a wish-list will remind you to buy that dress or jacket you have always been looking for.


One of the key factors to shopping clothes the right way, is knowing your measurements. When you browse for clothes, always make sure to try them on. This will help you to find the better fit. But knowing your measurements will help you to choose the most suitable fit for you. And when it comes to online shopping, measurements are even more important since you cannot try out the items you add to your cart.

Don’t Stop at One Store

When you are shopping, try out a few different stores before you settle on one. This will allow you to find the clothing items that would fit your needs the most. Don’t settle for the wrong colour or an ill-fitted outfit just because the store you visited first has limited choices. When it comes to online hopping, browse the website properly before you make purchases. For example, you can visit Scanlan & Theodore’s women’s fashion and see all the options available there before you make your choices. Online stores and websites have large collections so take your time with the choices.

While shopping is sometimes a hobby and a relaxing activity you do on a free day, it is also necessary to shop wisely. If you are to dress smart you should also shop smart.

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