Gifting toddlers presents can be relatively easy, there is only a very slight chance they will not like what you get them and better yet they might not even remember. However, it is always pleasant to see a parent’s excitement while receiving or unpacking a gift.

The thrill mostly lies in seeing the parents enthusiastically show their child the gift they received. How though do you select a gift that really is set apart and does not only look great but is also useful? Below are 5 categories of toddler birthday gift ideas that are bound to make the child and parents happy.

Outfit ideas

Clothes and accessories are by far the easiest category to choose gifts in; the options are endless and available in any style and colour. The only factor you may have to consider when buying clothes is that the size may vary and it is possible the child may outgrow it soon. Therefore, buying cute accessories is the next option. If it is your daughter’s birthday and you need birthday dresses for girls, check out Winter Rosie Boutique for some cute clothes.


True toys can be a little overrated and breakable but this isn’t what we mean. The initial few years of a child’s life is where a great amount of physical and cognitive development takes place. Toys such as Legos or clay help a child’s fine motor skills improve. It builds their creativity and ability to form shapes and structures. Games that help with memory and learning such as puzzles help a child to learn new things in a creative manner.


The power of reading is severely underrated. It is vital that kids are taught to read from a young age. Gifting storybooks that are a combination of words and pictures captivate a child’s interest even if they cannot fully comprehend the story. Inculcating the habit and interest to read is an investment as it goes a long way even as the child grows up.

Hobby inspirations

The first 6-7 years of a child’s life they pick up on hobbies or interests that stick with them throughout life. Investing in a possible hobby such as gifting them paint and brushes, pencil or art supplies or even an instrument that they can play with create enjoyment and delight. It opens up their minds and allows them to be creative from a young age. It becomes a skill they can polish as they grow up.


While this is not conventional, investing in gold or some sort of valuable jewellery can be a gift idea that closes family or friends may find ideal. Buying the baby girl’s first pay of studs or even pendants that she can wear later in life are long-term investments. This way she has pieces of jewellery that she will even grow up wearing. They are more for sentimental value but is also a great source of investment as the price of gold usually goes up.

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