Dryers are one of the most common fire hazard appliances in the home, why? Because it is one of the appliances that involves frequent movement and is one of the appliances that is constantly exposed to dirt that usually ends up in its parts that if not cleaned becomes easily flammable. So how do you make it safe? The answer is to constantly maintain it, not only would you be making it safer but also you would prolong the life of your machine. Here are some DIY maintenance tips for your dryer.

Clean After Every Use

After each use you should clean your dryer. Now most people usually do not bother with cleaning, and their idea is quite logical. As the machine is constantly involved with water people assume that such is the way that the machine is cleaned, but it is actually wrong since debris usually goes along with the water from the clothes and usually is the factor that causes the machi9ne to be broken in the long run. So, you have to clean your dryer every time you use it. You should clean it before using, and after using it, to make sure no debris are left and your machine is kept to its pristine sate and operate properly.

Clean Surroundings

So, here’s the thing, machines usually accumulate waste not only from the inside part but also from the outside. As the machine operates and functions it accumulates waste from the dust on the surroundings. One way to maintain functionality is to clean the surroundings of your dryer.

What you can do is to clean the area especially from dust because dust mixed with moisture is very hazardous for any appliance and could cause it to get broken. And if for example your Electrolux gets broken, you will need to call a professional Electrolux dryer repairs for that, do not attempt a DIY repair especially with your electrical appliances.

Never Overload

So, the next best thing that you can do to maintain the safeness and prolong the life and functionality of your dryer is to never overload it. Most often than not people do not even care as long as it gets the job done. People generally dislikes doing laundry but it is necessary because people also like clothes. So, what they usually do is to try to finish it as fast as possible by overloading the washing machine and the dryer, which is very wrong.

And so many people end up with an overloaded dryer oftentimes and ends up breaking the machine. What you want to do for the sake of efficiency is to try to put in ¾ of the maximum load each time you use the machine and dry the clothes by batch, this way you will maximize the process and at the same time you will not be overloading the machine.

You can put it this way, your appliances in your home are like people, so how do you treat people? Simple! Treat them with dignity and handle them properly. Don’t abuse them in terms of utility and never miss the chance to clean them, it is as basic and simple as that.

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